Province's new education guide will refer to native genocide
The Westmount Independent
6 August 2019

The term "cultural genocide" will be used when referring to the history of Canada's natives in a new educational guide on genocide soon to become a part of the teaching of history in high schools across the province. The Westmount-based Foundation for Genocide Education founder and president, Heidi Berger, was the guest speaker on June 13 during the Shaar Hashomayim Sisterhood's closing luncheon before summer.

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From the roots of intolerance, education yields empathy and knowledge
Montreal enSanté
24 June 2019

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Philosopher George Santayana coined the phrase; Winston Churchill modified it; Heidi Berger, creator and head of the Foundation for Genocide Education, centers her organization on it. Berger, an award-winning film producer and professor at Concordia University, says the mission of the foundation is to work with governments to ensure that genocide and the steps leading to it are taught in every high school in North America.

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Why genocide education needs to be taught in Canadian high schools
Breakfast Television
2 May 2019

Most Canadian high school students are ignorant about genocide, according to the Montreal-based Foundation for Genocide Education. Now, the foundation is launching a new universal genocide education guide for high schools.

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Quebecers less exposed to Holocaust than other Canadians, poll finds
The Montreal Gazette
29 June 2019

About 35% of respondents across Canada say they did not learn in school that roughly six-million European Jews were murdered by the Nazis during the Second World War, while more than 53% of Quebecers said so.

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Preventing genocide through education
Rabble Radio
17 May 2019

Today's guest on rabble radio wants us to remember how genocides happen in the hopes that this knowledge will prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. Heidi Berger believes that genocide education needs to be taught in Canadian classrooms.

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Education is key to ending the cycle of genocide
The Montreal Gazette
24 April 2019

Starting this fall, several high schools around Quebec will receive a universal teaching guide on genocide a part of a pilot project.

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Teaching about genocide helps prevent it
The Montreal Gazette
8 April 2019

This April 7th marks the quarter of a century since the beginning of the 1994 genocide targeted against the Tutsi of Rwanda.

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Nos enfants et les ténèbres
La Presse
7 avril 2019

Le devoir de mémoire... Ces jours-ci, l'expression est à nouveau de circonstance. Il y a 25 ans débutait le génocide rwandais.

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Canadian students are ill-informed about genocide, some don’t even know about the holocaust
10 April 2019

Heidi Berger, Founder of The Foundation for Genocide Education, film producer, Concordia University teacher, and daughter of Holocaust survivors and Marcy Bruck, communications director

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Lessons about hate and genocide being rolled out in Quebec high schools
Canadian Press
April 6, 2019

A survey that polled 1,100 Canadians indicated 22 per cent of respondents between 18 and 34 years old were unaware or unsure if they had heard of the Holocaust.

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Support for genocide foundation in Ottawa
December 11, 2018

Mount Royal MP Anthony Housefather delivers a member's statement supporting our foundation's mission to ensure compulsory genocide education throughout Canada.

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C'est qui, Hitler?
La Presse
December 9, 2018

On peut finir son secondaire au Québec sans savoir qui est Hitler.  Sans savoir ce qu'est l'Holocauste.

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Montreal unanimously adopts genocide education motion
Canadian Jewish News
November 20, 2018

The council congratulated the Foundation for Genocide Education and the community organizations with which it works for “keeping the memory of genocides alive and engraving their teachings in the minds of future generations.”

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CTV interview: genocide history should be taught
CTV News
November 19, 2018

At the November city council meeting, opposition party chief Lionel Perez presented a motion supporting the mandatory teaching in Quebec of all recognized genocides. The motion was approved by council with a standing ovation.

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Education Ministry finally establishes working groups on compulsory Genocide education
December 13, 2017

In a time of increasing radicalization and decreasing respect for minorities, it is more important than ever to teach our young people the dangers of prejudice.

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Heidi Berger brings message to Dorval Mosque members
The Suburban
June 21, 2017

Through her Foundation for Compulsory Genocide Education, Westmounter Heidi Berger — a Concordia educator and filmmaker — has led a three — year long campaign...

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Focus Montreal: Heidi Berger interview
Global TV interview
June 26, 2016

Heidi Berger and Jamie Orchard discuss Berger’s push to teach compulsory genocide education in QuHeidi Berger and Jamie Orchard discuss Berger’s push to teach compulsory genocide education in Quebec schools as a way...ebec schools as a way...

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Une Québécoise réclame une formation sur le génocide dans les écoles
La Presse
April 17, 2016

La Québécoise Heidi Berger a des raisons bien personnelles de militer pour que les élèves du secondaire suivent une formation obligatoire sur le génocide durant leur scolarité.

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Editorial: In Quebec, high schools teach about genocide
The Montreal Gazette
February 11, 2016

The point is not only to make students aware of appalling chapters in human history, but to show where dehumanization of others can lead.

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Genocide should be compulsory learning in Quebec high schools: advocate
CTV News
February 10, 2016

A group hoping to make the study of genocide compulsory in Quebec high schools made its pitch before the National Assembly Wednesday.

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Anthony Housefather promotes genocide education in the nation’s schools in the House of Common
February 4, 2016

I was pleased to speak in the House today to promote genocide education in the nation’s schools.

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What is the best way to teach about the Holocaust?
CBC Radio Noon interview with Shawn Apel
January 27, 2016

On World Holocaust Remembrance Day, we discuss whether it should be taught in schools, whether it should be mandatory - and what exactly should students learn.

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Friday deadline looms for genocide education petition
The Suburban
January 13, 2016

Just two days are left to sign the online appeal calling for Quebec schools to teach about genocide and how to prevent it.

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Pas plus de place aux génocides dans le nouveau cours d’histoire au secondaire
Radio Canada
October 31, 2015

Selon toute vraisemblance, la refonte du progSelon toute vraisemblance, la refonte du programme d'histoire au secondaire donnera une place plus large à l'histoire des Autochtones...ramme d'histoire au secondaire donnera une place plus large à l'histoire des Autochtones...

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Should Genocide be compulsory in Québec schools?
CBC Daybreak interview with Mike Finnerty
March 30, 2015

Daybreak spoke to two people who are pushing to make genocide education compulsory in Quebec schools.

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Group wants Quebec to add the history of residential schools to curriculum
The Montreal Gazette
June 22, 2015

Marianopolis College student Maris Jacobs, a Mohawk from Kahnawake, left her Montreal secondary school wishing she and her classmates had learned...

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Berger aims genocide petition at National Assembly
The Suburban
October 28, 2015

Heidi Berger and her Foundation for the Compulsory Study of Genocide in Schools weren’t getting much more than a polite reception...

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