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to ensure genocide education is taught in every high school

Why Genocide Education Matters

Teaching and learning about the history of genocide is a powerful antidote to countering hate and discrimination in the world.

Through studying this history, students can understand how racist policies divide communities and create environments that make genocide possible.  Genocide education is proven to promote critical thinking, societal awareness, and personal growth. It teaches about the warning signs that can lead to mass murder. Students learn about human behaviour and our capacity to succumb to scapegoating and propaganda. It further reveals the full range of human responses –  the individual motivations and pressures that lead people to act as they do – or do not act at all.

The Benefits of Genocide Education

  • Empowers students to act on and prevent future atrocities
  • Promotes critical thinking about extremist ideologies
  • Develops more informed and engaged citizens
  • Teaches how to recognize state-sanctioned prejudice and human rights violations
  • Promotes respect for diversity
  • Increases social connection and empathy towards other cultures

Survivors Speak

I really appreciated Heidi Berger's presentation. I realized that discrimination towards the Jews didn't only happen in Europe, but also in Quebec, where I live, and it really affected me.

- AlexaGrade 10 Student

Young people need to know what can happen and be educated about the worst. Learning to stop it when we see the signs should be taught at an early age.

- Safet VukalicSurvivor of Bosian genocide

People should know that we are living the first steps of genocide in our daily lives. We are there… let us stop it.

- Jean-Claude RancourtHIgh School Teacher

Now is not the time to harden our hearts to the outside world and retreat in fear. Instead, we must push harder to teach peace and tolerance in the face of evil not only in Quebec but across Canada and the world.

- Caitlin JohnstonGrade 11 teacher in B.C.
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