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About the School Presentation Video Archive

We now offer a selection of our presentations which have been filmed live at high schools in the province of Quebec. This enables students in areas where we cannot visit in person to watch our presenters share their stories of survival, or the stories of their parents or grandparents, or even great-grandparents.

To access the school presentation video archive,

click on the link to create an account. Your account gives you access to as many presentations as desired for a period of one year. Please note that a one-time minimum donation of $180 CAD is required, which enables our foundation to create new presentations and to expand our program.

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Available Video Presentations

Each presentation lasts 50 minutes
Heidi Berger

About Heidi's presentation

Founder and President of The Foundation for Genocide Education, Heidi Berger used her experience in video production to create a presentation about her late mother Ann Kazimirski’s experience in Poland during the Holocaust. Running and hiding in attics and barns, Ann witnessed the machine-gunning of her mother in the ghetto and the rape of her best friend.
Ann and her husband survived the Nazi terror and built a new life in Canada. For the past ten years, Heidi has shared her mother’s incredible story in high schools across Quebec to educate students about the dangers of hate and intolerance.
Heidi's presentation can be given in either English or French.

Jodie Kanenstenhawi Norton
First Nations

About Jodie's Presentation

Jodie Kanenstenhawi Norton is a Haudenosauee mother of two, embarking on a healing journey through reconciliation with a colonized world. She shares the stories of her great grandfather, Thomas Aronhiakens Lahache, and her great aunt, Anna Kahwenniosta Lahache, who were taken from their homes and placed into residential schools when they were just 7 and 9 years old The impact of this deliberate attempt to cut off Indigenous children from their families, language and culture was devastating, affecting not only Jodie’s great grandfather and great aunt, but their children, and the generations to follow, including Jodie.
Jodie's presentation is given in English.

Lucy Shapiro

About Lucy's Presentation

Lucy Shapiro is the child of two Holocaust survivors, Eva and Robert Verebes. Lucy tells the story of her parents’ horrific experiences in the Budapest ghetto and their families’ destruction during the Holocaust. Both were young and it was a childhood lost to the extreme result of antisemitism which became the annihilation of a people.

By some miracle they survived Nazi persecution and the Soviet brutal liberation of Hungary. Lucy shows the process of genocide and the path of destruction the Nazis paved throughout Europe.
Lucy's presentation can be given in either English or French.

Barbara Cieply

About Barbara's Presentation

As the eldest daughter of a Holocaust survivor, Barbara recounts the heart-wrenching and extraordinary story of survival of her late mother, Regina Kleinberg-Cieply. Regina was just twelve years old when she escaped the Warsaw ghetto. She found refuge with total strangers, assuming various non-Jewish identities in order to survive. Using excerpts of her mother’s testimonial videos and family photos, Barbara encourages students to forge connections between past atrocities like the Holocaust and contemporary instances of hate and intolerance.
Barbara's presentation can be given in either English or French.

Naomi Tencer

About Naomi's Presentation

Using her mother’s vivid video testimonials of her experiences during the Holocaust and photos of artifacts she kept from that time, Naomi Tencer shares the story of Sonia Smolnik Tencer. Sonia was a young newlywed in Vilna, Poland, when the Nazis invaded in 1939. Along with her family, she was forced to live in unbearable conditions in the Vilna ghetto, and she later endured four labour/death camps and a death march. Sonia miraculously survived and immigrated to Canada with her concentration camp uniform in a bag and painful memories to share with the world. Growing up as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, Naomi always felt the weight of her mother’s trauma. She made it her mission to share Sonia’s story, in order to teach future generations about the suffering and pain that continue to happen today.
Naomi's presentation is given in English.


About Merilee's Presentation

Merilee Calderon Weitzman presents the extraordinary story of survival of her late father, Leon Calderon, one of the few survivors of Auschwitz originating from Salonika, Greece. With the number 120826 tattooed on his arm, her father’s pride slowly crumbled as he was stripped of his humanity. Leon watched as Jews, including his own family, were violently forced into gas chambers and later burned in crematoriums. Leon survived death marches and slave labor to finally find a better future for his family in Montreal.
Merilee's presentation can be given in either English or French.

IMPACT OF OUR Presentations

- AlexaGrade 10 Student

I believe people should be reminded what many innocent kids, adults and elders went through.

- AnthonyGrade 11 student

Genocide education is essential. It opens up your mind in order to have more valid opinions.

- Susan FrappierHIgh School Teacher

The students were incredibly moved. I was absolutely undone and inspired.


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