Nat's Internship Experience at the FGE

Impacting our Society through Education

Written by Nathalie Murray

The Foundation for Genocide Education works tirelessly to ensure that the history of genocides is not forgotten and that future generations learn from the horrors of the past to become more open and tolerant, strengthening communities and fighting hate speech. As a political science student, I have been studying how atrocities like genocides have shaped how human rights are viewed and defined both by states and the international community. Being an intern at the foundation means that I have been able to learn from an organisation that plays an important part in influencing how human rights are understood and what is learned from human rights violations. Being able to get this experience has been imperative to my education and has allowed me to see how much of a difference a small group of people can make on large communities, something many students wish to do. 

Something that I’ve always believed in is the power of education. It brings individuals together and allows them to use knowledge to assist them in their own life’s path. This is something that the foundation has been able to corner and has used to proliferate understandings of the harm that genocides cause. When talking to family and friends about my internship at the foundation I often find myself saying “You know how everyone says education is key? Well, the foundation has really figured that out and it’s probably what has led to its success.”.

Activism is drawing attention to the hate speech and human rights violations that still infiltrate our society. This has made the work that the foundation is doing even more necessary and I am grateful and excited to have been given the opportunity to work on these crucial issues.