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Gabriel's internship experience at the FGE

Making a real difference in the fight against intolerance

Written by Gabriel Picard

The Foundation for Genocide Education is making a real difference day in and day out in the fight against mass atrocities, discrimination, and online hate. I truly believe that genocide prevention starts with educating future generations. It is essential to equip them with the tools necessary to recognize and stop hate before it escalades into violence. As a Political Science student, I have seen firsthand the impact that creating norms can have locally and on the global community. Working with the Foundation to provide a guide on genocides to all students across Canada and eventually the United States was both necessary and rewarding.

My internship at the Foundation allowed me to see the inner workings of a foundation, with its challenges and its successes. I got the opportunity to work with a team of passionate professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that we learn from our past mistakes and that we do not sit idly by in the face of injustice. I got the chance to help survivors of genocide and their descendants voice their stories and share them with students. The impact of these testimonies on students and on myself cannot be understated. Their strength and the vulnerability they showed forces us to remember that we are all humans and that we need to treat each other with dignity and respect. Keeping their stories alive and remembering that genocides still happen today is an essential part in making sure we prevent them from happening in the future.